Where do we trip?

Why do moods swing?

Where to go?

What to do?

How to inquire?

What do I really want?

I was confused and tired; tired of life as I assumed it to be.

I only knew myself as thinking and resistance, overlooking the obvious.

Oh, poor me! What do I need to do, to get, to be free ... to be finally ok with life?

What is available, here and now...

Food, shelter, clothing seem to be important, but they don't give us lasting happiness.

No matter what I think I need, at the end it is happiness, peace of mind!

"Happiness through peace of mind, in daily living, independent of circumstances." (Roger)

Inner space.

If we know ourself only as the "me" in our thinking mind, then we are rather limited and contracted.

Art, beauty, love... nourish and inspire us, invite us into disco-very.

We are already gifted and equipped with everything it takes to embrace a fulfilled life; the rest are details.

Be yourself

Instead of suffering a world supposed to be without, we can discover that our contentment in daily living is independent of circumstances!

Thinking is beautiful and powerful when we are knowingly aware of awareness – when there is the feeling-knowing discernment between me and I am; without this alive experience the same thinking creates our suffering.

A recalibration can be invited: from a sense of separation to the peace and synchronicity of being myself as I am.

Life as art

Words can be amazing, depending on the context, the attitude.

It takes curiosity and bravery to discover life as being friendly and to regain trust in our biological intelligence.

Effort and practice most likely veil our natural state; but might be all we know to start from.

We cannot practice being ourself, we only need to know where we are looking from.

Future happiness?

For decades I struggled with frustration, depression, loneliness... faulty thinking.

It is humiliating for the ego to see that all I always longed for is always here and now!

Prior to the arising of mind.

It seems that the final biggest impact for me was being together live with likehearted human beings via Zoom, gifted by the covid spectacle.

There is more than hope for this World

Amazingly, it is only a tiny bit of faulty thinking that is the root of all human greed and (subtle) destructiveness: the deeply ingrained belief "I am my body-mind," whereas "I am aware of body-mind-world" (thank you Magdi!)

We don't need to wait, no more book knowledge, not more rules or regulations, only heartfelt intelligent inter-human exchange.

"Love and do what you will"... coming from Love you are one with the moment, you are guided by life itself.

Life is not anymore a problem to be solved, but the celebration of a mystery.